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Airport FIDS – Flight Information Display Systems in France in 2024

Have you ever stood mesmerized by the ever-changing symphony of flight information displayed on those large screens at the airport? Those marvels of modern technology are called Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS), and in France, they play a crucial role in keeping passengers informed and navigating the bustling airport environment.

A close-up view of a modern Flight Information Display System (FIDS) at a French airport, showcasing departure and arrival flight details for various airlines.
Stay informed and on schedule with French airport FIDS, offering clear departure and arrival details for your travels.

The French FIDS Landscape

The French aviation industry is renowned for its focus on innovation, and FIDS are no exception. Several French companies are leading the way in FIDS manufacturing and supply. Here are some key players to watch:

  • Visual Graphic Systems (VGS): A prominent French manufacturer of LED and LCD display solutions, VGS offers a wide range of FIDS products for airports. They’re known for their high-resolution displays, user-friendly interfaces, and focus on passenger experience.
  • Sopra Steria: This French IT and digital transformation leader provides a comprehensive suite of airport IT solutions, including FIDS. Their offerings often integrate seamlessly with other airport systems for a holistic passenger experience.
  • Aéroport Services: Specializing in airport equipment and services, Aéroport Services offers FIDS solutions alongside other airport technology products. Their focus lies on providing reliable and efficient FIDS systems tailored to specific airport needs.

These are just a few examples, and the French FIDS landscape boasts a vibrant ecosystem of manufacturers and suppliers.

Technologies Powering French FIDS

The magic behind the FIDS screen lies in a combination of technologies. Here’s a breakdown of the key components:

  • Display Technology: Modern FIDS primarily rely on either LED (Light-Emitting Diode) or LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology. LED displays offer superior brightness and visibility, especially in brightly lit airport environments. LCD displays can be more energy-efficient and offer a wider range of colors.
  • Data Feeding Systems: FIDS rely on real-time data feeds from various sources, including airline databases, air traffic control systems, and airport operations software. This ensures that the displayed information is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Content Management Systems: These systems allow airport staff to control the information displayed on the FIDS. They can create customized layouts, schedule announcements, and update flight information as needed.

By combining these technologies, French FIDS provide passengers with a clear view of flight statuses, gate assignments, and other crucial travel details.

How FIDS Integrate with the Airport Ecosystem

FIDS aren’t standalone systems. They work in concert with a complex network of airport technologies:

  • Airport Terminal Systems (ATS): FIDS often integrate with ATS, which manage various airport functions like check-in, security, and baggage handling. This allows for a holistic flow of information across the airport.
  • Passenger Information Systems (PIS): FIDS complement PIS, which encompass a broader range of passenger information displays throughout the airport. This ensures consistency and clarity in wayfinding and travel information.
  • Air Traffic Management (ATM) Systems: While not directly connected to passenger-facing displays, FIDS often receive data feeds from ATM systems. This ensures real-time flight status updates, reflecting potential delays or cancellations due to air traffic congestion.

This interconnectedness allows French airports to provide a seamless and efficient travel experience for passengers.

The Future of French FIDS

French FIDS are constantly evolving, incorporating new features and functionalities to enhance the passenger experience:

  • Digital Signage Solutions: Many FIDS are now integrated with digital signage platforms, allowing for the display of additional information beyond just flight details. This could include weather updates, travel advisories, or even targeted advertising.
  • Interactive FIDS: Touchscreen FIDS are becoming increasingly common, allowing passengers to access more detailed flight information, explore terminal maps, and even check-in for their flights directly at the display.
  • Multi-lingual Support: Catering to the diverse passenger base, French FIDS often offer multi-lingual support, ensuring everyone can access the information they need.

These advancements are transforming FIDS from simple information boards into interactive hubs that empower passengers and enhance their airport experience.

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Who makes FIDS for airports in France?

Several French companies are leaders in FIDS manufacturing. Visual Graphic Systems (VGS) and Aéroport Services are just a few, offering both LED and LCD display solutions for airports.

What information do French FIDS typically display?

French FIDS display real-time flight information for passengers, including departure/arrival times, gate assignments, and any crucial updates like delays or cancellations.

Are French FIDS just basic flight info boards?

No, French FIDS are evolving! Many integrate with digital signage to show weather, travel advisories, or even targeted advertising. Interactive FIDS with touchscreens are becoming more common, allowing passengers to access detailed information and even check-in directly.

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